Product facts

  • Mølbros M7 Euroshare is available for all leading plow brands in Europe
  • The conical shape of the point and the reverse conical shape of the adapter holds the point without use of bolts
  • The adapter fits the Euroshare perfectly which gives an optimal soil flow
  • The adapter fits the original shares
  • The point gives extra protection to the adapter
  • The point is reversible on the adapter as well as it fits both left and right side
  • You can wear out more than 6 points before you need to replace the M7-adapter
  • The M7-system has the same advantages as the M5-system
  • The M7-system is ideal for bigger farms with more than 500 hectares of land where time and locistics is an important factor


The conical shape of the point ensures that it sits optimally and assured holder while the tip keep the sharp shape

Further information

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