• The powerful raised front edge provides extra good support for mounting the reversible tip or EUROTIPS
  • The cut is made in thicknesses from 10-14 mm and the unique design ensures that it is easy to get the plow in the ground
  • The large raised front edge prevents the cut from bending or breaking - even when subjected to extreme loads
  • With our EUROSHARES you get fuel savings, reduced wear and reduced CO² emissions
  • A unique combination of steel selection, cure method and design makes EUROSHARES a highly durable product

The steel in EUROSHARES is ore-based. This is the purest steel type available and one of the advantages is that is ensures a uniform wear on the share.

The special upset forged from prohibits the share from bending and makes Mølbro’s EUROSHARE a unique product. Mølbro’s hardening techniques are developed over decades and this technological development has also added hours the the durability of the EUROSHARE.

Mølbro’s EUROSHARES are available for all leading plow brands in Europe and has an optimal fit on the different frogs.


A unique combination of the selection, curing method and design makes EUROSHARE an extremely durable product.


The steel in EUROSHARE ® is ore-based steel. It is the purest type of steel available, ensuring inter alia, a uniform wear of the cutting edge.


Mølbros curing methods have been developed over several decades, and this technology has also added hours to EUROSHARE's durability.


The design of EUROSHARE ® is designed to glow for optimal land search throughout the cutter life and in all circumstances, which saves time and improves the quality of plowing.

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