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Danish quality for farming worldwide

Mølbro Production A/S was founded in 1947 by Carl & Poul Møller and has since then developed, designed, and produced wear parts for ploughs, harrows, and other tools for tillage. The wear parts are sold to customers all over the world, so here, more than 75 years after the first plough tips left production, wear parts by Mølbro now tills the soil under a wide variety of soil conditions in many different countries.

Mølbro is still located on Sorø and is a Danish owned company.

We want to create added value for our customers

Our aim is to develop, produce, and sell the best wear parts for agriculture, so that the industry can continue to produce food for the world's ever-increasing population with the greatest possible efficiency and at the lowest possible cost of resources.

Mølbro's design, material selection, and production methods entail both a long service life of the wear parts, a high and uniform work quality, and therefore a minimal use of energy for soil cultivation. Not only does it ensure our customers low operating costs, but it also minimizes resource consumption.

A tradition for quality for 75 years!

 • 1947: On 15 June 1947 Carl Hannibal Møller took over V. Broby Smithy
and founded the company Mølbro Plovskærsfabrik I/S together with his son, Poul Hannibal Møller.
• 1960: The company grows to 5 employees. Per Møller was born.
• 1981: A generation change is underway and Per Møller enters Mølbro A/S.
• 1987: Poul Hannibal Møller dies and Per Møller takes over the management of the company.
• 2018: Mølbro is taken over by private investors and is then called Mølbro Production A/S.
• 2022: 75-year anniversary. The company continues to produce quality wear parts and
employs 35 people and exports more than 90 % of its production.