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Mølbro produces high-quality wear parts for all leading plough brands such as Kverneland, Lemken, Kuhn, and Överum. We offer several options, including Mølbro's patented reversible M7 Fast-Fit tips and a wide range of CARBIDE coated wear parts.


We sell a wide range of harrow tips, discs, and other similar wear parts with or without a CARBIDE coating.
For tasks of a particularly demanding nature, we also offer Mølbro's own series of harrow tips coated with hard metal with their extremely long service life.


Mølbro offers the quality-conscious customer discs with a long service life for recognised brands of seeders and the market's largest selection of seed coulters and tubes for Väderstad seeders, where we also market stainless steel parts for fertilizers.


Mølbro is among the world's leading manufacturers of wear parts for agricultural equipment. Our wear parts are used worldwide by efficient farmers who demand exceptional efficiency of their tillage tools.

We supply our wear parts primarily through leading wholesalers and machine dealers but are also a supplier of original parts to companies that produce high-quality tools for agriculture.

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Can you make older ploughs perform like new?

A tool is no better than its wearing parts, we usually say. And an older plow with new wearing parts works just as well as a corresponding new one, so the renovation solution is definitely an option. Perhaps it will actually work even better than when it was new because there is ongoing development of wearing parts for plows, and therefore plows with new modern wearing parts often work more smoothly and effectively through the soil. This also results in less fuel consumption, which is definitely worth considering in the operating budget.